Online سوق (Android, iOS)

An e-commerce app that allows government employees to shop by installments and order them at the specefied date and time.


Earthlink Telecommunications

You can’t imagine how I adore and remember my fellows and friends at this company. It was one of the top places that I ever worked and lived in my life (I was living at the company for two years). All of those projects wouldn’t incept without their support, friendship, and kindness. They were the best.

Projects from 2015-2017 (2 years + 3 months)

Main development features

Kotlin and Java

RxJava, FileDownloader, OkHttp, Dexter, SlimChart and others

Main development features:

Arabic and English localizations

(Android) Light and dark themes

(iOS) Pop-up based dialogs

Lots of customized UIs to meet Arabic layout RTL direction needs

RxJava, Kotlin, OkHttp, Picasso, Nanotasks, and many others…

Cinemana Leanback (Android TV)

Main development features

Kotlin and Java

My first RxJava usage, Paper, Retrofit, and lots of others

Cinemana STB Demo

CBox Launcher (Android TV)

MyHR (Android, iOS)

# Side projects

January, 2017

Main development features:

Back-end using NodeJS and MongoDB

CMS for user and room reation

RxJava for incomming messages

June, 2017

A simple app that allows your to write beautiful cards and share it on your social media apps.

Physics-based animations

Using the power of Kotlin extensions

customized views to change colors according to the current theme

# University of Technology

M.S.c project from 2012-2015

The thesis is dedicated to the application of wireless ad-hoc sensor networks in the area of vehicular transportation using the following tools

SUMO, and TraCI for algorithm implementation using Python


Thesis written using LaTeX

Published papers

Traffic Lights Control using Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks

B.S.c projects from 2008-2012


My first-ever Android app for university graduation project. Start the camara , touch on an English word and Arabic translation is show as a pop-up! It used OpenCV to segment the image and separate shapes to be passed to Tesseract (learned lots from I was having a SQLite vocabularies (taken from online xlsx file) in order to translate the segmented, parsed English word. It was really a thing to me back in 2012.

eBook Broswer

A .NET Windows desktop application built using C# and WPF and SQLServer (co-work with my friend) that shows a list of local PDFs as a list so that the user can select the book easily on a single place.