Projects Page

I am really happy to creat a list of projects I’ve done in the past years, specifically from 2010 till now. I spent the whole yesterday working on it. I was lucky to have screenshots of most projects. I also concluded that, after each new release, there must be screenshots recorded in order to save the history of the app chronology. You can see the list here

Most of my major projects was at Earthlink Telecommuncations company, where great stuff was built. I am really proud of them. I see the projects as only the beginnings of professionalism in building mobile apps. I hope to build a useful library or software that users can benefit from it. I hope to leverage or push the software of best practices here locally; and at the same time, to learn and apply what creative developers world wide create and shape the software industry. As being said: Think globally, act locally.

One of the main prjects that I’d like to create is an Arabic programming language for kids to learn programming at schools. Imagine, you can programin an Android app using a simple Arabic programming language! a language that has DSL like Kotlin, so you can build UIs using DSL. You know, just a thought :)