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2017's Summer Rehab

In the beginning

After more than two years, [April 2015, May 2017], I worked with skilled, professional, kind fellows and gained an experience that I don’t think I can find in any other place here in Iraq.
I decided to quit Earthlink (the decision was already taken months ahead before), mainly because I realized that what I am doing (developing) is wrong.
Wrong because working with pirated, copyright infringment, is not right. Then, why haven’t I being aware of this fact since day one at my job? actually, no. After more than a year, I realized and seen what our company was doing for its business. I (we) were living in the piracy culture, that take what ever you found on torrent sites, and its all yours.
There are other reasons also, especially the creation of Shabakaty.com, which then admits the reality that we are specialized in pirated content only: Share, Cinemana and TV. In this case, I can’t work with this, officially acclamied, piracy company. I can’t work in a destruction environment.
So, my first day at our home was at June 5th (my birthday too). I am not going to talk every day of what I was doing exactly.
My plan was to take at least six months, till the end of the year, a break, or rest, or rehab.

Here are the main things I’ve done in the past four months.


contine working on Jamyia Online

egypt 10 days vacation


Waraqa Android app


finishing Jamyia Online project

Hexo.js blog (bluemix.me)

starting hawajes.com

Learning Ktor, SQL, H2 database


Learning Vue.js


finishing hawajes.com

gots rejected by Netflix when applied to an Android position, saying my capabilities don’t fit at their needs.

Alwiya Club iOS app

Al-Tammer interview at September 28th

Leasons learned

From my own point of view, those are the main tips to remind my self on if I wanted to quit a company again.

don’t start your own initial project from house, especially at the long term, because your family will not believe you’re working in and from home. You’ll always get the same question: what are you doing in your room?!

if you want to start your own project, it would be much better if you start and continue working on it after your company work day time is finishes, in order to maintain the plastisity of your brain.


calm, quiet, and isolated environment

no timeline constraints


distraction is inevitable

Due to the social isolation, I progressively lost the abilty to express my self, unable to remember the correct word, i.e., mumbling

living and working in the same place, the house, will be a challenge